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  Hi Judi-bk, thanks for that. I am in el chopo, so hopefully not too long to wait. I will be going with TH. Great value and 200mb is more than enough for me. Billy1.

 :hi: Billy,

Although the original system was set up via Arboleas Town Hall, with licences, masts and infrastructure installed, the existing suppliers like Albox-online and Eurosatwiz (Martin) made a claim that the Internet the town hall was supplying at cut-price were being subsidised by the rate payers of Arboleas and, of course, losing them clients/business. Therefore "unfair competition".

Somehow, I'm not aware of the circumstances, the Internet business of the Town Hall was then "farmed out" to Systel - a 100% Zurgena business - run by Juan and Antonio - Juan organises the technical side and installations, Antonio does the administration (from his office in Arboleas town hall) <-- strange eh??
 :rolleyes: :shocked: :undecided:
So it's not *really* "going with the TH" or is it? :rofl:

Hi Drax, thanks for that. No probably not the TH by the sound of it. Still interested if it comes my way though. Billy1.


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