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I am on Windows and have been asked to set up a database which will be used by someone on a tablet (not sure if it is ipad or not).  I think I am asking Drax really.  Will it work?, any guidelines? I can manage the database but the tablet user needs to see it and possibly input into it.  Tablet user not very computer literate and I know just enough to be dangerous

I have a windows laptop and can access/change excel spreadsheets on both my iPad and Android phone using an excel app and signing into my Microsoft account.  I guess if the other person has a Microsoft account and downloads the app and you share the spreadsheet with them via tools they would be able to access it on their mobile device.  Not sure exactly how to do it though!

Databases and spreadsheets are two different creatures. For excel shelav I'd also explore the google chrome options as well:

Judi databases are far more tricky, google won't entertain them as shareable so you are probably going to need the Microsoft Access route.

A bit more further information about sharing databases at:


Thank you both for that.  I will look into that.  I agree Excel is not a database as such, it is a spreadsheet but you can use it as a database.  I prefer Access which is wonderful but too clever for the other intended users and they would have to pay to use it.   Excel will do  nicely for this.

Google sheets is a great option in that case, we've used and shared them without any problem for some years now  :thumbsup:

Create on your computer, go to File / Import / Upload file and pow!!


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