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I think sports stars are grossly over paid but above a certain level they are no longer one person, they are a business  employing quite a lot of people

Does that mean when I win the EuroMillions I will need to employ people? :dunno:

Yes to answer all the begging letters  :rofl:

*My* main problem about the term "grossly overpaid" is that their profession is short lived: from late teens to early thirties, let's say 15 years to build your pension pot. Then there's the Agent fees, the tax they pay etc.. Sports sponsorship or a great advertising USP is what you need to get into the "big league" of money earners (think Beckham, Rooney, Gazza..any others??)

I've quite a few Premier League (or old First Division) friends who are/were Newsagents / Decorators / Electricians / Stationery Salesman / Fork Lift Truck Hire / Insurance salesmen => normal jobs once they retired from footy... Five of them played for their country at World Cup level but not all get jobs on the BBC or Sky as commentators or analysts.

Can remember the old days when the max wage for male players was £20 per week, So I don't begrudge the ordinary player on the good money they get nowadays, but do think some of those stars? on the obscene wages of £200 to £300 grand pw are a bit overpaid though!  :crazy: :crazy:



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