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I received all 3. :grin:


--- Quote from: Wolfie on 03 Mar, 2021, 08:50:20 am ---Only two came through - the snowy garden and the two cats.

--- End quote ---

Therefore the Facebook hosted image was not passed on to you... let me know if you need Mark's phone number  :rofl:

Actually there are ways and settings inside facebook that do not display images, similar to the way we can withhold images in a "normal" website. I don't particularly care much for facebook (or any other unsocial media), so sorry I can't advise where to look.
Why they would not display a facebook hosted image (do they call it "shared") is a bit of a mystery, I might make it a mission to explore this phenomenon when I have time  :thumbsup:

It is just me being lazy as it is so easy.  I'll stop doing it on here.  I am presuming you don't have a Facebook account Wolfie


--- Quote from: Wolfie on 01 Mar, 2021, 06:21:30 pm ---I'm on Facebook so that can't be the reason.

--- End quote ---

Yes I'm on Facebook.


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