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My first live race for several years may not have been the most exciting but I really enjoyed it and it's nice to b back.  Can't wait for Barcelona next week...

 :grin:  Life is at last beginning to return to normal

Well done Frankie, glad you enjoyed the race, I managed to see the start up to end of Safety Car and Hamilton losing out, then chef duties called and I had the Bluetooth speaker with me listening to it until the end, running backwards and forwards when commentators shouted, only to see a replay. Not the same as watching but happy about the outcome all the same 👍

Also had the Arsenal v Newcastle footy on which was totally interrupted by "Idiots at Old Trafford" split screen coverage - a strange afternoon of sport and about to settle down for the snooker now. Have a great week, see you in Barcelona 🤣

Yup!  That's a date :grin:


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