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Well that was different  :crazy: :headshake: :dunno:

If you are sort of guaranteed a second place when the championship leader just wrecked his car, you DON'T drive like a rookie and end up last!!  :thumbsdown:

I'm glad I don't use Pirelli tyres, I need to get into town and back at least once without them falling apart  :whistle:

No one could say this race was a boring one, same with the Quallies.  We all knew it was going to be a battle between Lewis and Max but doubt any of us could have predicted how it would all pan out.  In the end it was good to see some 'new' faces on the podium and Vettel in competitive form again.  As for when we all waited to see Lewis regain his top position after the restart for the final 2 laps, well I doubt I was alone in sitting with my mouth open at what we saw!
The Pirelli labs will be working flat out right now piecing together what caused such catastrophic damage to their tyres and possibly not just during the race but also in practice (?) .


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