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Sewer system is extended to Los García
« on: 14 Apr, 2021, 02:21:32 pm »
A historic demand fulfilled: Los García will have a sanitation network
The action ends the 2.8 million euros of water investments of the Provincial Council

Quote from: La Voz de Almeria
The Almería Provincial Council will provide the residents of the 'Los Garcías' neighbourhood, in Arboleas, with a sanitation network. This action represents an important improvement of the water and environmental infrastructures for this population centre of the Almanzora Region, putting an end to the discharge of untreated wastewater from the homes on calles Hinojo y Tomillo.

The Junta de Gobierno has given the green light to a project that is part of the Water Infrastructure Plan (PIHA) that has arrived in the last two years in the regions of Los Vélez, Almanzora, Poniente, Levante, Alpujarra and Filabres-Alhamilla. The investment, which is 100% financed by the Provincial Institution, will make possible a historic demand from the inhabitants of these two streets of the urban nucleus of Los 'García'.

The construction of this new urban wastewater collection collector, which is 555 meters long and has 12 manholes, will make it possible to connect the homes on Calles Hinojo and Tomillo with the existing network to the 'Los Carrascos'.

The purpose of this project is to provide the sanitation network to several homes through a collector and a branch for the subsequent treatment of wastewater. This project has been drawn up taking into account the needs and criteria of the Arboleas Council, which is the owner of the land on which this unprecedented network will be buried for the residents of calles Tomillo and Hinojo.

The deputy for Public Works, Óscar Liria, has highlighted the importance of a work that meets two fundamental objectives: “Provide a new service to the residents of this neighbourhood and protect the environment . This work supposes the creation of some collectors that will allow to purify the residual waters of this zone of expansion of Los Garcías ”.

In the same way, Liria has revealed that this action is in addition to the one carried out in 'Los Higuerales' , which has allowed the improvement of the sanitation network of this neighbourhood: “Arboleas has benefited from these two works through the PIHA and will to receive a significant investment from the Provincial Council to improve GALASA's distribution network ”, he added. 

Water Improvements for all the regions of the province

The Provincial Council of Almería has invested between 2018 and 2019 2.8 million euros in water through the Plan for the Improvement of Hydraulic Infrastructures of the province of Almería (PIHA). In total there are 32 works that are distributed between municipalities of Los Vélez, Almanzora, Poniente, Levante, Alpujarra, Filabres-Alhamilla.

These works have arrived and are reaching the municipalities of Chercos, Tabernas, Bacares. Felix, Alhama, Fines, Adra, Macael, Armuña del Almanzora, Íllar, Terque, Lucainena, Alhabia, Arboleas, Alcóntar, Turre, Olula del Río, Cóbdar, Canjáyar, Taberno, Paterna del Río, Fondón, Instinción, Lubrín, Alicún, Turrillas, Oria and Suflí.