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Surprised no one has commented on last weekends race...
The new method of working out Grid positions left me cold but it seemed both drivers and fans who were interviewed really liked it.   I expect it will be the way forward as, in the words of one spectator on saturday, "What's not to like - cars racing on 2 days instead of one?".
I suspect the debate as to who was at fault during the first lap on race day between Hamilton and Verstappen, which ended the race for Max, will run and run.  I do not think I have seen Christian Horner quite so incensed before as he appeared to be about to burst his boiler in a post race interview.  There were even rumours of a petition demanding Lewis be exempt from the next race!!!
There is no doubting that this season is an exciting one for fans...  BRING IT ON :grin: :grin:

The way Hamilton slowed down Verstappen on the last P3 warm up lap today, maybe attempting to beat the checkered flag was a great tactic, let's hope it doesn't bite him in the backside tomorrow

I agree Drax.  Can't wait for the race later and expect it will be an interesting one...
On a sad note, a volunteer Marshal was killed yesterday at Paddock Bend during a BARC club race at Brands.  It was the same spot many years ago that I watched a Marshall mowed down and killed during a BRSCC club meet.  It was after this that more demands were made to improve the safety conditions for Marshalls.
I cannot recollect any deaths from that date (in the late 70's?) to yesterday. Hopefully the investigation into this may throw up what else can be done to protect the trackside marshalls.


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