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Is anyone else watching rain instead a race?

Me. :angry:

I cannot believe I sat for 3.5 hours watching rain falling at Spa. Then decision was finally made that the FIA rules permitted the cars to go out behind safety car for 2 laps at show speed, in order for half points to be allocated.  The idea of running race today (monday) was obviously not a viable one as a load of marshalls and ancillary staff are club members and would be back at work today!
What they didn't say was the rule that after 2 laps refunds would not be given.....

Frankie it was a farce, so disappointed that Russell couldn’t race to show what he can do

I suspect Russell will not be held back for long.  He's showing great potential and I bet it won't be long before he's offered a contract in a better car - possibly to partner Lewis as Bottas is not having a great race this season?


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