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Saudi GP


If this is the standard we are to expect after their first race in Saudi I'll be really pleased if they never race there again.

Half way through  = 2 red flags, 3 standing starts, 3 or 4 virtual safety cars and 2 actual safety cars.

Totally agree, just as bad as Monaco.  :angry:

So you won't agree with the BBC then...".....Thrilling Saudi Arabian Grand Prix"

The odd thing is that the drivers, when asked, all love the track as it is such a fast one.  The safety arrangements fall so far short of what is necessary, that if they do go back to it again, must be resolved.  That no one was seriously injured is a miracle.  I understand that 2 drivers in  F3 had to be airlifted to hospital to be checked out after an 'incident'.  I haven't seen an update on them?  They also need to be able to communicate to the drivers when one has been asked to allow a car following to overtake.  The resulting 'touch' could have been a catastrophe.
I can say without any fear of contradiction, that it was the most spectacular race I've seen in the over 50 years I've been a fan.  I was on my feet more often than sat, watching, shouting, swearing, yelling!  My poor KatyKat couldn't understand what was going on!!!
Bring on next weekend!  I only hope my heart will be able to take it!!!
In a way it IS worse than Monaco as it's street circuit and is narrow.  Monaco does have runoff where cars can escape to safety, Saudi doesn't.


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