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Well that race had just about everything, including family members being there for the weekend.

"just about" because snow was missing - everything else turned up: rain, sun, crashes, ambulance, red flag, tyre problems, moaning Verstappen (nothing unusual there), Hamilton on the podium, and Carlos with his first P1 in 150 races, winning his first race in 150 starts.

Well done lads, great enjoyment !! 

Yes an exciting race.
Guanyu was extremely lucky.

Certainly one of the best I can recollect in many, many years of following the sport.  Those final few laps were amazing, with the World's best drivers fighting for place.
I can honestly say I was not just mentally exhausted but also physically as I was leaping to my feet so many times during the race.
How anyone can dismiss the sport as 'boring old cars following each other around and around' is beyond me......
As for the crash, less than 10 years ago, Guanyu would not have walked out of the medical centre after being checked over, with just minor bruises and cuts.  It is due to the tireless lobbying by the Drivers assn. and Frank Williams, to install a cage for safety purposes that it finally happened.  I wonder if Lewis would also have escaped when the wheels on Verstappen's car landed on top of his cockpit just last season?   I know Albon was taken to hospital after his crash into the barriers but no consequent report on his status?
I can remember only too well in days gone by when drivers died, not just in F1 but also in club meets, without all the safety measures currently in place....

Quiz: When was the first motor race; clue: any motor race?

According to google

The Paris–Bordeaux–Paris race of June 1895 has sometimes been described as the "first motor race", despite the 1894 event being decided by speed and finishing order of the eligible racers.


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