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The forum software is regularly upgraded and after the recent update we are at version 2.0.19.

However 2.0.xx has been replaced with a new version and the developers advise:

--- Quote from: SMF ---SMF 2.1 is now the recommended version for use on live production forums. We encourage everyone to start planning for an upgrade to SMF 2.1.

SMF 2.0 remains supported and will continue to receive security updates for the foreseeable future, but this release officially marks the end of further 2.0 development. We will release a separate announcement for any future changes to SMF 2.0's status.

--- End quote ---

Sometime next week, early morning (after the clocks change and while I am still on old-time body clock) I will check the details, work through the instructions and install the latest version. 🤞🤞

Thank you

Oh, no, something else for me to worry about??? :sad:

Well, I took a look this morning and the blurb says that any modifications to the forum would be removed and need to be reinstalled with current versions for the new system.

Apart from the colour schemes which I haven't bothered looking at yet there are only half a dozen mods that we have installed.

* Scrolling Buttons = works with new version.
* Spoiler Mod = works.
* Posting Images = works to some extent but needs a bit more.
* Youtube = works
* RSS Spanish Feed = Says it works but I couldn't get it to.!!
* Resizing Images = Says it won't work, I need to look out a different one (although there does seem to be a facility in the Posting Images mod that allows sizes to be changed) :tiphat:

Hope you get it sorted, I’ve never been able to post images successfully. Apart from that, love the forum.


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