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Andalusia / Almeria / Arboleas populations
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Town to Town: Almería, the only one with more births than deaths in Andalusia
The natural growth of the population in the province has been 685 people

As the year 2022 closes, the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography (IECA) have made public the definitive data for the year 2021 of the Natural Movement of the Population and Almería comes out well in the official count, because according to According to the figures published just a few days ago, Almeria is the only province of Andalusia in which the balance of the natural movement of the population is positive.

As stated in the section on births and deaths, in the province of Almería the natural growth has been 685 people, after 6,888 births and 6,203 deaths were registered over the past year. Figures that contrast with those of the rest of the regions of the autonomous community, since in the rest of the cases the balance of the natural movement of the population has been negative, as well as in the overall of the entire community, where 65,650 births and 79,339 deaths leave a negative balance of 13,869 people.

By provinces, Cádiz has been the one that has harvested the worst data, with a negative of 2,789; followed by Córdoba , with 2,557; Jaen , 2,435; Malaga , with 2,129 more deaths than births; Seville , with 2,048; Granada , with a negative balance of 1,684, and Huelva , where there have been 732 more deaths than newborns.

in the municipalities

But the report prepared by the IECA goes further and analyzes the data registered in the province of Almería, municipality by municipality, where, despite the fact that the overall data is positive, there are only 20 municipalities of the 103 that exist in 2021. They have experienced more births than deaths. In this way, the cases of three municipalities such as El Ejido, Roquetas de Mar and Níjar are striking, which are the ones that occupy the ranking of the three towns with the best results in the natural movement of the population.

Thus, in El Ejido there have been 1,035 births compared to 530 deaths, which leaves a positive balance of 505; in the municipality of roquetero, 975 new lives compared to 503 who have left, which translates into a growth of 472 people, and in Níjar, for its part, 425 births and 220 deaths have been reported, which leaves a positive result of 205 more people.

As for the municipalities that have experienced the greatest number of losses of people, Alboleas, the capital of Almería and Mojácar stand out. In the first case, there have been 11 newborns and 65 deaths, which leaves a negative population movement of 54 people; In the city of Almería, 1,810 births and 1,850 deaths have been reported, that is, a loss of 40 people, and in Mojácar, 39, after 36 births and 75 deaths have been registered.

It is also worth noting the cases of Gádor and Almócita , where the natural movement of the population leaves a result of 0 after the same number of births and deaths have occurred, 26 and 2, respectively.