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Oh dear....

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After my "checking out" of the latest version (reported below) I decided to wait until things settled down, the developers sorted out any problems and bugs were well and truly squashed.

Looks like our friends didn't have the same idea, after a [Maintenance mode : we are updating the software] came [Database error : if you see this again tell an Administrator] and currently :

--- Quote ---This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.
--- End quote ---
Oh dear, what a shame, never mind..  :rofl:

Get well soon.. all the UK loving brexiteers will be in shock and panic mode until it's back.

It's back up ad running now, looking totally different, 👍

Thank you

Well done! :grin: :grin:

The vast majority of the members (3 or 4)  don't like the new layout, but it's only a theme, easily switched but not explained.

Like here you can switch theme by going into your profile / modify profile / look and layout / current theme. From there you can change colours, yes it's a bit of a bind but if members are struggling with certain colours then options are available.


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