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Am I the only one who is not a fan of night races.  I feel these big new race tracks in the East are purely for profit.  There is talk of closing one (some?) of the old tracks which I grew up with.  If they shut down Spa, then I shall no longer have anything to look forward to.  Take Monaco by all means and leave the other 'old'uns alone...

It’s not the night races I have a problem with but the street circuits, Monaco, Singapore and similar. Where they are run on real public roads, designed for road cars, lined with unforgiving barriers and no run off areas.
I prefer the, for want of a better word, "proper” circuits, Silverstone, Spa, Monza, Hungaroring. Don’t get me wrong I do like some street races but on tracks like Montreal and Melbourne that are different. Both have run-off areas and a greater number of high-speed corners than their more tightly packed counter parts. Hybrid—tracks like Abu Dhabi can be entertaining for a race if they are incident free.
A driver error at Silverstone, Red Bull ring, Spa etc usually just results in a leisurely trip over tarmac, gravel or kerb before re-joining the track, with of course one horrific exception at Imola.
Whereas a driver going off-line on a street circuit means it’s into the barriers and race end.
If drivers know there is less chance of ending their race by going through run off areas then they will take more risks, so on street circuits they will be more cautious which is engineered as a backdoor method by  F1 to reduce risk. Of course this doesn’t always work, Stroll obviously overstepped the mark yesterday.
Anyway regardless of the track type, whether  rain, shine, day, night, F1 is still  better than watching 22 pansies kicking a pigs bladder about for an hour and a half.

I totally gree with everything you've said but for me the addition of a night race on those tracks makes it a higher risk.  At least the track at Singapore has been modified from last year, making it marginally safer. 
Not wishing to sound like a dinosaur but i much preferred the days before the pit lane was able to communicate with drivers and the team factories were unable to communicate with pit lane during a race (except by good old BT).  For me it was far more interesting, however far less safe and I'd want to keep all the equipment keeping drivers safe, instead of the only protection being a Nomex fire proof suit. 
Oh, for those 'good' old days but I'll still keep watching and look forward to the Japanese race at the weekend.

Night races on street circuits, for me, are a no no. Do it in the daytime when you can see where you are going... are there any "proper" circuits that work at night?

As for Monaco, we did that, although probably not all the lap, a few years ago at pretty high speed in a normal car and obviously nowhere near the pace the F1 guys do. It was exciting and scary and then we needed to stop at an ATM to pay the driver haha.

Earlier, the funny (strange) thing was Prince Rainier came out of his hut (palace) whilst we were  stood at the gate, and wandered off into town, presumably for a beer and tapas with the lads... gotta love Monte Carlo / Monaco..

Great day out, experience.


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