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Serious help needed with emails

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Thanks both.  That should sort it

Got Outlook clean but none of my email addresses work on it, W4L. hotmail and gmail.  Hotmail and gmail work on my tablet and as my laptop is being upgraded I am now fielding W4L on a very clunky webmail.  In desperation found Outlook Express for W7 and installed it, still no luck on hotmail or W4L, haven't tried gmail.  Question, is there something in the set up of the computer than needs clicking or unclicking?

 :dunno: Realistically I'd start by asking your W4L website/email provider why it doesn't work. The error logs they have will give details of what went wrong.  :thumbsup:

But gmail and hotmail don't work either

Gmail and Hotmail might take a little bit longer to search their error logs and I'm not sure you'd get a reply.. Need to start somewhere and the solution might solve all three issues.


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