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It's been great to watch some of the games, the ladies are just as good players as the men's teams, not paid so much and not prima donnas.
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Unlike the blokes, their win has not been on any of the front pages of the papers - just relegated to the back pages.  Th girls still have a long way to go still.

Sorry Drax but not over-impressed with the standard of football or being of equal skills to the men's teams. Don't expect them to be as this is the fact in most sports, but who cares only the PC and equal rights brigades will.
You are correct about the overpaid prima donnas in the men's game though... :nod:

I've really enjoyed watching the Women's World Cup. I have loved the open football, with each team attacking when they can. For the most part, I think their skill levels are great. They have much more strength than I would have expected, and there determination is not to be faulted.  In some games there is a lack of consistency .... school girls football .. and in some games it is a bit like women playing girls ... that doesn't really happen at at a Mens World Cup anymore .. tho it used to.

But as someone who once was pretty good at football .. I don't think I would enjoy testing myself against these players. I think that they are far better than I was.

It's early days yet for Women's football on the World stage so I wouldn't be expecting any more.  Good luck to the Lionesses and well done for getting where they are...
I wonder how the salaries compare?  Nowhere near the grossly over inflated, obscene salaries of the men.


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