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I have memories of the racing at Aberdare park.
The event managed to attract some of the best road racers in world, John Surtees, John Cooper, Malcolm Uphill, Neil Tuxwoth, Mike Hailwood, and in more recent years, King of the mountain John Macguinness, TT winner Steve Plater, Ian Lougher and Dan Cooper to name but a few .
This would be late 1950’s early 1960’s my earliest memories.
I can smell the castrol R oil now!.lol

To follow any form of racing, you Bikes and me Cars, I think it may be in our blood.  My youngest son has his racing bikes but is a slow car driver who has 4 speeding fines.  My eldest son has a 'heavy right foot' like me and we have 2 speeding fines each.  :wink:

I loved motorbikes as a kid, but since I was 17 it’s been cars. I rallied cars from age 18 to 32. Some track races too.  Built my own rally car. Had a few nice fast cars over the years.
I drive much slower now!


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