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Serious help needed with emails

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I am trying to get all my W4L stuff on the big desktop and have succeeded but for emails.  I would like the desktop to only have W4Lemails (I have at least 2 other addresses.)

I use the program Outlok in Microsoft Office.  Outlook on the desktop is still as it was when I was running a company from it, 5 + email addresses, most don't even exist  and thousands of addresses and emails  I would like to
A) clear Outlook so it is brand new and doesn't repopulate
B) find another program to use that is similar

I have Office 365 .  The W4L email is Pop3.  Strictly not IMAP I am instructed

It is a bit urgent as the laptop that has the W4L address is going to the computer club to have memory added.  I can access the emails on webmail but that is incredibly clunky

Tried many times with help from Gandy-Draper and can,t get the address onto a tablet or ipad

SEPARATE  RANT The youth of today will never learn correct pronunciation until the apostrophe is on the primary keyboard!

Clare Shirley:
So have you deleted the accounts on outlook

and then delete all the emails from the accounts you no longer use

Which version of windows are you running?

Must admit I haven't I was hoping for a reset as it will all take ages.  W7

Clare Shirley:

Take a look at backing up ( search "outlook backup tool" if not already installed) and then save/restore from a usb microdrive. You should be able to select which types of file / folders you need. (.pst suffix to the file names usually).

Saw this, which might help :


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